Personal Residential and Commercial solutions are available to our membership.


The Credit Union exists to build roots in the community and there is no better way than helping our members and residents of Dominion own their own home. We can offer mortgage financing up to 95% for the purchase of your home and the ability to refinance up to 80% of the appraised value for renovation or other financing needs.

Whether it’s your first home or a rental property we are interested and capable to doing business for qualified members.


Canada’s most flexible mortgage. With the exception of transferring your mortgage to another financial institution Dominion Credit Union will not penalize our members for repaying the debts ahead of schedule. You read that right all of our mortgage products offer unlimited repayment options.

Payments to match your pay. Monthly, bi-weekly, weekly etc… We can make it easier to budget by offering repayment options that work for you.

Protection for your and your loved ones. We have a full range of creditor insurance offered by CUMIS to cover our members.


A personal loan can be a convenient option to meet your needs. If it’s a new car or a dream vacation the Credit Union wants you to reach your goals.


All of our personal loans can be repaid in part or in whole with no penalty.

We have the most flexible repayment options of any financial institution. You can pay; monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly or weekly etc. Talk to us about how the right payment options can save you time and money.

Credit Insurance is available from CUMIS. We can offer life, disability, critical illness and loss of employment. Some available with no health questions (some restrictions apply)

The Credit Union pays a Loan interest rebate on qualified loan accounts. 23% repaid for 2017!!! We challenge any financial institution in Canada to do better!

Lines Of Credit:

A Line of Credit (LOC) maximizes your purchasing power, while providing valuable overdraft protections for a chequing account. It ensures access to funds when needed-without waiting or arranging for a personal loan. It’s great for personal emergencies, car repairs, major home appliances investment opportunities education, RRSP, etc.

Benefits: Flexible repayment

Access to emergency funds

Lines of Credit are not long term solutions. They fit specific needs and do their intended jobs very well.