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First of all many thanks for visiting the Dominion Credit Union website, and I hope that you are already a member of our Credit Union, if not please have a look around. If you are in the Cape Breton area please visit Dominion Credit Union, we provide all your financial needs locally to you. Dominion Credit Union opened it’s doors in the town of Dominion on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia Canada in 1934.

Did your financial institution pay you 1.75% on your savings (interest dividend for 2015) – Dominion Credit Union did and you had instant access to your savings accounts – do you want to save with us ? (please phone 902 849 8648)

**** Increased Authentication for MemberDirect expected implentation end of July 2012 – Dominion Credit Union has introduced some enhancements to our login process for our Members. This increased authentication provides an additional layer of security to the login process of online banking. It adds an extra barrier between your online accounts and any unauthorized users. This feature requires you to select an image, write a security phrase, and select three security questions – answers to which only you would know. Click here for more details ****

Please visit the Dominion Credit Union Facebook page (please click Facebook link on right hand side of page) for details of our most recent community events.

We hope to see you soon as we have some great savings and lending products, our opening hours and location is listed on our contact us page.



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